Exhibition „Choose the Lithuanian Product-2017“
29th of September

InAvati winter coat with the natural camel wool padding was awarded by a golden medal in the textile products category suring the the 9th exhibition "To Choose the Lithuanian Product-2017“ organised on 29th of September in Kaunas (Lithuania). The comopany appreciates very much this highest national evaluation. „This coat is a novelty in Lithuania, an excellent offer for the cold and refreshing weather and innovations that the compoany Siulvedė (the producer of the InAvati coats) constantly introduces“, - says Jadvyga Žegždrin, the CEO of the company.

The awards giving ceremony was held with the participation of the Minister of Economy Mr. Mindaugas Sinkevičius, the Deputy Director of Kaunas City Municipality Mr. Romaldas Rabačius, the Deputy Mayor of Kaunas District Mr. Jonas Gurskas, and other distinguished guests. Representatives from Embassies of Ireland, Georgia, USA, Turkey, and Russia participated at the ceremony as well.

The exhibition hosted 286 participants and welcommed more than 30 thousand visitors.

Unforgetable moments of the awards giving ceremony.