Privacy Policy

Rules of use

1. General conditions

1.1. This Privacy Policy regulates the main principles of the personal data collection, usage and protection when ordering the garments from the e-shop using the website This policy regulates the relationship between the JSC SIULVEDE‘s e-shop (here and after – INAVATI) and the client of INAVATI (here and after – You, Yours).
1.2. The aim of this Privacy Policy is to protect your personal data from illegal uses. The personal data – is the information which may be directly or indirectly connected with You, that is: surname, name, date of birth, the address of your e-mail or postal address, IP address or any other information listed in the e-shop registration form (here and after – Personal data).
1.3. When you do the registration at the INAVATI website or place orders here you receive this Privacy Policy by e-mail, it is assumed that You are aware of this Privacy policy.
1.4. You can always find this Privacy Policy in the e-shop of INAVATI.
1.5. Your personal data collection, usage and protection regulates this Privacy Policy, the Rules of the INAVATI of the personal data usage, the Law of the e-communication of the Republic of Lithuania, the Regulation of the EU on General Personal Data 2016/676 (here and after – BDAR) and all other laws about the data protection.
1.6. When using the e-shop, you agree that INAVATI will collect and use your Personal data according to the regulation of this Privacy Policy.
1.7. The INAVATI uses the following principles of Personal data usage:
1.7.1. The Personal data is collected in defined and legal purposes.
1.7.2. The Personal data is used correctly and honestly.
1.7.3. The Personal data is used legally, only in such a cases: When preparing or executing the Agreement when you are on oh the Parts; The Personal data have to be used for legal purposes, which seeks INAVATI or the third person, to whom information is passed and if your interest is not more important.
1.7.4. The Personal data is renewed timely;
1.7.5. The Personal data are held no longer then required.
1.7.6. The Personal data is used only by the employees, who have been given that right;
1.7.7. All the information about the Personal date in use is held confidential.
1.8. To use the e-shop can only:
1.8.1. all legally sane physical persons not younger the 18 years old;
1.8.2. Young people from 14 till 18 years old only if they have a permition from their parents, adopted parents or legal guardians, except in cases when they are in disposal of their own salary or personal funds;
1.8.3. legal entities;
1.8.4. all legal representatives of all the above named persons.

2. Collection, processing and storage of personal data

2.1. INAVATI respects everyone's right to privacy. Your Personal Data is collected and processed in order to:
2.1.1. process orders for your goods;
2.1.2. issue financial documents;
2.1.3. to execute a sales contract or other contract, to deliver or deliver goods;
2.1.4. fulfill other contractual obligations;
2.1.5. for direct marketing purposes;
2.1.6. for the administration of electronic queries.
2.2. You must provide complete and correct Personal Data at the time of your registration at the Online Store, and you must be promptly notified when they change. You agree to keep your INAVATI login password and login and other details. You undertake not to disclose Personal Data to any other third parties, either to yourself or to third parties, if such third party Personal Data were made available to you, and to notify INAVATI immediately of any apparent breach.
2.3. INAVATI ensures that the Personal Data you provide is protected from any unauthorized interference: the unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of Personal Data, identity theft, fraud and the protection of Personal Data comply with BDAR and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
2.4. When processing and storing your Personal Data, INAVATI implements organizational and technical data protection measures that ensure the protection of personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure, and any other unlawful processing. The room where the collected data is stored is physically protected from unauthorized access. Your Personal Data Database is protected against unauthorized access through external networks.
2.5. Your Personal Data is stored and processed until the order is fully executed. After that, the data is stored for at least the warranty period.
2.6. INAVATI collects and uses or transmits your Personal Data only with your consent or to the extent necessary in special, individual cases (eg to answer your inquiry or request, to ensure that you have access to the goods) online).
2.7. INAVATI may use personalized, non-personally identifiable data for statistical purposes, y. details of goods purchased. Such statistical data will be collected and processed in such a way as to prevent the disclosure of personally identifiable information or other personally identifiable information.
2.8. You use and download this website at your own risk. INAVATI shall not be liable for any resulting damage, especially as a result of damage to the user-owned data sets, hardware and / or software.
2.9. The database is protected from unauthorized access through external networks.

3. Ways to obtain an information

3.1. INAVATI may use the information you obtain through the INAVATI Website in the following ways:
3.1.1. Your IP Address: Your IP address is a number that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically assigns to the computer you are using. The IP address is identified and stored in the log files of your server, along with the time of visit and the page (-s) you visited.
Collecting IP addresses is a common practice on the Internet, and most web pages automatically do so.
IP addresses are used by INAVATI for purposes such as determining the level of use of the INAVATI site, server issues, and administration of the INAVATI site. INAVATI may also use and disclose them for any purpose, as well as using personal information. INAVATI requests to be aware that IP addresses, server log files and related information are treated as non-personal information by INAVATI, unless otherwise provided by law.
3.1.2. Your browser: Some browsers collect information, such as Media Access Control (MAC), your computer type (Windows or Macintosh), screen resolution, operating system, Internet browser and version. Cookies, Pixel Tags, Web Beacon, and other similar technologies.

4.Cookie files

4.1. The website uses cookies and technologies that allow us to tailor the content of the INAVATI website to your needs and convenience.
4.2. In order to ensure the proper functioning of the services of, so-called cookies are used, which are small files stored on the user's computer disk. The term "cookies" is used by INAVATI for cookies and other similar technologies, such as Pixel Tags, Web Beacon, Clear GIF EU directive on privacy and electronic communications. They allow you to recognize a user during login, and also collect information about their use of the portal, which services they visited, what material they reviewed, and how they accessed it. The collection of this information enables INAVATI to better customize the INAVATI portal. Cookie files let you know a user's preferences rather than determining who they are.
Cookies on this site can be grouped into the following types:
The necessary cookies are strictly necessary for the website to perform its basic functions. These cookies allow you to browse the site and use desired features such as access to secure areas of the site. Without these cookies, we would not be able to provide the services that this site allows you to operate.
Activity cookies collect anonymous information about how visitors use the site. By providing information about visited areas, time spent on the site, and any issues that may arise, such as error messages, these cookies help INAVATI understand how visitors behave on the site. This information also helps to improve the performance of the site.
Functional cookies improve your experience on the site. For example, these cookies may store information such as your username, language and location preferences. These cookies may be used to provide the services you desire, for example, to view a video, to comment on a blog, or to use third party services such as social media features. Remembering your choices helps the site deliver enhanced, more professional features.
4.3. You can disable cookie service at any time in your web browser preferences by changing the level of protection - up to total cookie blocking.
4.4. Information provided by cookie files on is used by INAVATI to:
4.4.1. to serve user registration - they allow the user to be correctly identified after the authentication process is completed;
4.4.2. conducting online surveys - they help you remember the answers you have already provided;
4.4.3. for purposes related to conducting marketing activities on the Site.

5. Data Protection and Use of Facebook.

5.1. This site uses the social network plugins (plugins) or information sharing link. This network is owned and operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (Facebook).
5.2. When you invoke pages on the INAVATI website with such a plugin, connect to Facebook's servers, your browser receives a corresponding message and the plugin appears on the page. This transmits to the Facebook server the information you visit on the INAVATI website. If you are currently a Facebook member, Facebook will assign this information to your personal Facebook user account. When you use plugin features (such as clicking the "Like" button when commenting), this data is also attributed to your Facebook account. If you do not wish Facebook to collect data about you through the INAVATI website, you must log out of Facebook before visiting the INAVATI website.
5.3. Facebook does not influence the amount of data collected by INAVATI with this plugin, so it provides you with information that is relevant to INAVATI's knowledge. You can find more information about the data collected and used by Facebook, your rights in connection with it, and your privacy protection options in Facebook's privacy notices.

6. Use of personal data for advertising and marketing purposes

6.1. INAVATI also provides the following services:
6.1.1. sends newsletters with latest offers / product promotion;
6.1.2. White mail;
6.1.3. registers as a regular customer;
6.1.4. offers to attend spec. shares.
6.2. If you give your express consent to the continued use of your Personal Data for general "advertising and marketing purposes" (for example, you will definitely press the appropriate button when you follow the steps on the INAVATI web pages), your Personal Data will be stored and used for these purposes.
6.3. As an example, INAVATI will then send you various advertisements for INAVATI products or others. For this purpose, INAVATI shall use the channels of communication with you that you provide to INAVATI with your consent, for example, by e-mail, provided that you provide your email address to INAVATI. By phone, text message, or via App Mobile App if you provide INAVATI with your (mobile) phone number. Ordinary mail (mail) if you provide INAVATI with your address.
6.4. If you agree to the INAVATI Data Protection Terms, then give INAVATI the opportunity to mail you a promotion of the products offered by the INAVATI Online Store. In addition, using your data, INAVATI can create and maintain the user profile needed to receive the advertising that is specific to you and which INAVATI believes may be of great interest to you.
6.4. If you give your express consent to the use of your Personal Data for general "advertising and marketing purposes", INAVATI may use your data to analyze and improve the effectiveness of its websites, advertising and market research, and for other marketing and sales purposes of the company.
6.5. Once you have completed your order, INAVATI can send you an email requesting an evaluation of INAVATI's work.

7. Transfer of personal data to the third parties

7.1. Your Personal Data is processed by INAVATI Data Processors, a server service provider and mail delivery company, to the extent necessary for the performance of their functions. INAVATI has the right to transfer personal data to third parties only in accordance with the procedure and on the basis of the BDAR and the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
7.2. In order to improve the supply of INAVATI products, INAVATI personally evaluates which INAVATI newsletter links were used. You give your consent to such practice at the time of registration. Therefore, INAVATI may need to transfer your Personal Data for further processing to other companies within the INAVATI group or to other companies that are its service providers. Such service providers, for example, may be authorized to send you a newsletter or to organize a promotion. INAVATI requires such service providers to process your data only in accordance with INAVATI's instructions, in accordance with this Privacy Statement and the Personal Data Protection Act.
7.3. INAVATI warrants that your Personal Data will not be sold or rented to third parties. However, INAVATI reserves the right to provide information about you should you be required to do so by law or if so required by lawful or prosecuting authorities.
8. Modification or updating of personal data and right of withdrawal

8.1. You have the right to change and / or update the information provided in the registration form.
8.2. You are only required to provide correct Personal Data in the registration forms. INAVATI shall not be liable for the accuracy of the personal data contained in the registration forms or for any damage resulting from the submission of incorrect Personal Data.
8.3. You grant INAVATI the right to collect, manage, process and store your Personal Data to the extent and for the purposes set forth in the Privacy Policyand other INAVATI documents. You have the right to revoke your permission for INAVATI to collect, manage and process his Personal Data at any time, to cease collecting, processing and managing his Personal Data, to delete your Personal Data and to delete his profile. The consent or withdrawal of consent to the collection, management and processing of your Personal Data shall be effective only in advance. Upon receipt of such notice from you, INAVATI shall immediately suspend the processing of that Personal Data, but this does not imply that INAVATI must delete / destroy the Personal Data if it has reasonable grounds to store it.
Please send any requests to INAVATI by e-mail:

9. Transmission of Information or Claims

9.1. By submitting an ID to INAVATI, or by legal or electronic means of identification that allows the proper identification of the person, you have the right to:
9.1.1. require the modification of personal data or the suspension of the processing of personal data other than storage where the processing is in breach of law;
9.1.2. not consent to the processing of your personal data;
9.1.3. to know that your personal data is being processed;
9.1.4. access your Personal Data processed by INAVATI.
9.2. INAVATI will reply to you within 30 calendar days of receipt of your request for the processing of personal data.
9.3. If you have found your Personal Data to be inaccurate, incomplete or inaccurate, you have the right to contact INAVATI by email to correct any incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate Personal Data and / or to suspend processing of such Personal Data. The personal data shall be rectified and erased, or the processing of such data shall be suspended, on the basis of the identity of the data subject and the documents confirming his / her personal data.
9.4. If you have any questions regarding INAVATI's privacy statement, please send an e-mail to with the subject line "Data Protection" included.

10. Change of Privacy Policy

10.1. INAVATI reserves the right to unilaterally change the Privacy Policyin whole or in part by notifying the Online Store. You will always be notified of any future changes and / or additions to the Privacy Policy, both via the INAVATI website and by email, when you first order goods and / or register with the INAVATI Website after such changes.
10.2. Additions or changes to this Privacy Policywill be effective from the date they are posted, i.e. that is, from the day they are placed on the e-commerce system.

11. Delivery of goods

Once you have purchased the goods, after placing an order in our online store, we will contact you regarding possible ways and terms to deliver to you.
We will also notify you in the event of additional duties or other charges.

12. Warranty

Buyer who has purchased from us has 12 months warranty.
12.1. The warranty is effective from the date of purchase and is subject to the warranty conditions below.
12.2. During this period, the purchaser in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania is guaranteed to correct any defects which may arise during use due to defective materials or manufacturing errors.
Warranty service does not renew or extend the warranty period.
12.3. The warranty does not apply to:
   * defects or defects caused by the transportation of goods, if they are transported by the buyer;
   * when the item is defective due to the buyer's failure to follow the user's instructions, or the item is defective due to the fault or force majeure of a third party;
12.4. The guarantee may be terminated if:
   * the item was obviously deliberately damaged.
12.5. The warranty card is invalid if:
   * no cashier's check or other proof of purchase;
   * it is incorrectly filled in (must include date of sale, trade name, model, store stamp and seller's signature);
   * it contains sweeps and corrections unsigned by the seller.

13. Returns

Returns are subject to the "Wholesale and Retail Rules"
The Buyer shall have the right to withdraw from the contract of sale or service by means of communication by giving written notice to the Seller or Service within fourteen working days from the date of delivery of the item.
   * Customer returns the product at his own expense;
   * The item to be returned must be in its original neat packaging as received from the seller;
   * Item must be undamaged by Buyer;
   * The item must not have lost its appearance (clean, undamaged labels, unpeeled protective films and other accessories included in the original kit);
   * The returned item must be in the same set as received by the buyer;
   * When returning the item, it is necessary to present the document of purchase, warranty card (if issued).

   14. Methods of Payment

After selecting the item (s) in our online shop you can pay for it:
   * Payment by bank transfer.
After choosing this payment method you will have to make the transfer to the indicated bank account of JSC “Siulvede”. You can make the transfer by logging in to your email. bank accounts or by going to the nearest bank branch. It is important to include the following details when making an order:
JSC "Siulvede",
Kalvarijustr. 125, 2 building, 08221 VILNIUS, LITHUANIA
Company code: 125413926
VAT code: LT254139219
VILNIUS REJ. No. 2000-969
AB "Swedbank", SWIFT: HABALT22
Bank address: Konstitucijos av. 20A, 03502 Vilnius
Account No.: LT297300010002468281

Payment purpose: "Order number" (you must specify the order number you are paying for)

Note: If you choose this payment method, your order will begin processing when you receive your payment.

   * Cash payment is available at our office: JSC "Siulvede", Kalvariju str. 125, 2 building, 08221 VILNIUS, LITHUANIA